WP DB Booster

Optimize and analyze your WordPress database with few clicks.

WP DB Booster will help you to clean up, optimize and analyze your WordPress database with few clicks.
You can clean up and optimize more than 20 various data types including orphan and duplicate metadata that can bloat your database.

If you edit your posts or pages WordPress creates revision each time you save the post or page.

What does that mean?
Let’s say your post is just 50KB in size. If you have 5 revisions for this post, they will occupy 250KB additional space in you DB. And if you have 150 posts, it will be about 37MB of wasted space and duplicate information in your Database. And what if you have thousands spam or unapproved comments in your DB?

WP DB Booster can clean up all of these unwanted, obsolete or junk records with just a single click.

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Main Features:

  • Modern and intuitive dashboard with counter widgets
  • Very fast Ajax powered interface and cleanup
  • Cleaning up Auto Draft posts
  • Clear out Posts in Trash
  • Clean out Unused Tags
  • Removal of Revisions
  • Removal of all Pingbacks
  • Removal of all Trackbacks
  • Clear out Unapproved Comments
  • Clear out Spam Comments
  • Clear out Comments in Trash
  • Clear out oEmbed Caches In Post Metadata
  • Removal of Transient Options
  • Removal of Orphan Comment Metadata
  • Removal of Duplicated Comment Metadata
  • Removal of Orphan Post Metadata
  • Removal of Duplicated Post Metadata
  • Removal of Orphan User Metadata
  • Removal of Duplicated User Metadata
  • Removal of Orphan Term Metadata
  • Removal of Duplicated Term Metadata
  • Removal of Orphan Term Relationships
  • Clean obsolete data from WordPress Tables.
  • Bulk, One-click removal

DB Security Tests

  • Database table prefix test
  • Debug mode test
  • Database debug mode test
  • Common DB password test (tested against more than 1450 common passwords)
  • Password Strength test (including score and visual indicator)

DB Tables

  • Detailed list of all DB tables in your WP Database (name, rows, type, size, index size)
  • Information if the table is WP Core table or table created by the 3rd party plugin
  • For 3rd party table, the information about a plugin which created the table will be shown.

Plugin WatchDog

WP DB Booster will watch for every plugin you activate/deactivate and you’ll see all of these actions in the Log.
This can help you to analyze different issues and help you to discover which plugin causes the issue.


Detailed log for all Cleanup actions with date/time

  • Detailed log for all Plugin Activation/Deactivation actions with date/time
  • Ability to clear different parameters from log


  • Bar chart for DB Tables sorted by number of rows
  • Bar chart for DB Tables sorted by size (in bytes)
  • Bar chart for Log analysis (sum of actions performed)

Other Features

Complete System Information Including:

  • Database Information
  • PHP Information
  • WordPress Information
  • take a look at the video preview:

Available Languages:

  • English (en_GB)
  • Slovak (sk_SK)
Rated 5 stars on WordPress.org

Version: 1.0.1
License: GPL
Developer: WPManiax



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